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Pay station update

The Agence de mobilité durable has started its parking pay station update project. The project involves restoring and updating existing stations, acquiring new stations and replacing the management servers for the software platform to help enhance the parking user experience.

A few specifications

bornes 2


  • Restoration of the upper part of the casing and existing solar panels
  • Replacement of the payment terminal and electronic components
  • The project will include 1,000 restored pay stations


  • Made in Canada
  • Smaller format than restored stations, the new stations are certified and offer universal accessibility
  • The project will include 250 new pay stations

Characteristics share by both pay station models.

borne details

Solar energy

Colour display

  • High brightness LCD display adapted for use in sunlight

Alphanumeric keypad

  • Will enable users to pay at any station, regardless of sector

Flexible payments

  • Addition of a contactless module that accepts cards such as Interac Flash, Visa (including Visa Debit), American Express and Mastercard

Optimized energy autonomy

New, faster wireless technology

New software solution

  • Possible addition of new features (e.g. modular pricing, pay-by-plate parking) and the capacity to test new mobility-related initiatives

Three simple steps


Memorise your space letters and numbers as indicated on the plaque mounted on a pole near your parking space.


Pay at the nearest pay station following the instructions on the screen.


Take your ticket and go.

No need to place receipt in your vehicle

You may pay in advance. Your parking time will be tallied from the start of the charged period.


To alert a defective pay station, contact customer service at 514-868-3737 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Note: each transaction is handled separately from previous ones.

In the event of a defect, you must pay at another pay station or with the P$ Mobile Service app.