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Pilot project | low-speed electric vehicles

As part of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) call for projects for demonstrations and technological showcasing of land transport and sustainable mobility, the Agency has partnered with the companies Calogy Solutions and Kargo to develop and test a low-speed electric vehicle. The vehicle will be tested for monitoring within the Agency’s operations.

Calogy Solutions is a company working in the field of energy storage and thermic battery management systems, and Kargo is a manufacturer of 100% electric vehicles. Together, they are developing and adapting a small electric low-speed vehicle (LSV) that will be tested by our parking enforcement officers. Numerous road tests are planned for this summer to 2024.

pojet pilote trottinette

Potential benefits of the pilot project include:

  • Supporting the development of a vehicle that meets real-world needs for monitoring activities and has a low environmental impact (emissions, noise, road space)
  • Better understanding electric low-speed vehicles (LSVs)
  • Better understanding how to integrate LSVs into a fleet of vehicles

Data collection

The goal of the pilot project is to see if electric LSVs can help to diversity a fleet of vehicles.

Data will be collected and analyzed to assess the following factors:
  • Vehicle usefulness for our operations
  • Vehicle ergonomics, safety and range
  • Ability of LSVs to integrate monitoring technologies

For sustainable mobility

This pilot project contributes to achieving the objectives laid out in our operational strategy plan. We are working to modernize our monitoring strategy and improve our attendants’ mobility by creating a diverse fleet of vehicles suited to a variety of urban settings.

We are also working to reduce the number of gas vehicles used in our operations in order to cut down on our GHG emissions

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