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Form - Report a parking violation

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Before starting

If you want to report a situation that jeopardizes safety or prevents the smooth flow of traffic and requires an immediate response from a parking enforcement officer, call us at 514 868-3737.
Examples: a vehicle is stationary in a reserved lane, hindering street traffic or preventing you from entering or exiting your residence.

This form is for reporting parking violations that require a rapid response but that do not jeopardize safety or prevent the flow of traffic. These violations have to do with:

  • Fire hydrants
  • Charging stations
  • Trucking
  • Short-term parking
  • Private lots
  • Residents-only parking zones (or parking stickers)
  • No-parking areas – school zones or drop-off points
Important information for filling out the form
  • Our area of intervention includes the 19 boroughs of Montreal, and we do not serve related cities (list in French).
  • You must provide an email address to make an online report.
  • It should take approximately five minutes to fill out the form.
  • Your answers will not be saved if you exit the page.