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First organizational strategic plan

Like other paramunicipal services and organizations of the City of Montréal, the Agence de mobilité durable (the “Agency”) needs to develop a strategic plan based on the City’s guidance, in particular as set out in the Montréal 2030 strategic plan, and the City Project, a vision document that precedes Montréal’s Urban and Mobility Master Plan.

Vision 2030

A city accessible to all by 2030.

The Agency is an innovative organization that enjoys credibility with the public, the business community and the City of Montréal. It has integrated mobility services entrusted by the City and carries out the mandates and projects it is assigned by bringing together mobility stakeholders.

The Agency is recognized as the leading manager of curbside and off-street parking in Montréal. The latter are eco-friendly mobility hubs that accommodate several modes of transportation in the same location. Based on its intimate knowledge of mobility behaviours, the Agency can recommend the best on-street and off-street pricing and sharing options. Optimal parking management helps to ensure that the allocation of street functions, whether for mobility, activities or development purposes, is in line with the living environment.

Better space management makes it possible to create shared and alternative modes of transportation to solo driving, directly influencing mobility behaviours in Montréal, while contributing to making active commuting safer and more comfortable for everyone. The Agency’s teams facilitate mobility by ensuring that people respect dedicated spaces—e.g., bike paths, reserved lanes, parking for people with reduced mobility and drop-off points. Travel is simplified through easier payment and reliable, accessible, real-time multimodal information that allows users to choose the best form of transportation each time.

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