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The Agence
de mobilité durable:
Sharing Montréal’s streets

When we talk about sharing the road in Montréal, we’re not just saying it. We’re making an actual promise. A promise to make the streets of Montréal accessible to everyone who uses them, whether they’re from here or just passing through town.

This is our commitment to making sure everyone can explore our great city as they see fit. To ensuring we can all come together and get along here, no matter where we’re from, where we’re going or how we’re getting there.

Picture Montreal as a great big table. What we at the Agence de mobilité durable want is for everyone at the table to have enough to eat and to feel welcome. That’s what sharing Montreal’s streets means to us. We want to make sure that there’s a place for everyone who lives here and uses these streets.

About the Agency

The Agence de mobilité durable, a paramunicipal organization, breaks new ground for more sustainable mobility by managing curbside and off-street parking spaces it is assigned, by monitoring public space across Montréal and by providing better information to the community. It lends its sustainable mobility expertise to the City of Montréal in order to improve quality of life and contribute to Montréal’s economic vitality by ensuring that space is shared equitably, and that the city is accessible to all.

By supporting actions that promote urban mobility, the Agency works, among other things, to improve customer experience, street sharing and public property occupancy. It also draws on its operational and experimental capacity to support the City of Montréal and its partners in achieving their objectives, while bringing together mobility stakeholders.