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Pilot project | Parking space occupancy sensors

As part of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) call for projects for demonstrations and technological showcasing of land transport and sustainable mobility, the Agency has partnered with the company Dimonoff to develop and test sensors that detect whether parking spaces are occupied.

Dimonoff innovates in the field of smart infrastructure and cities. From August through summer 2023, Dimonoff will be experimenting with adding sensors to the Agency signposts that mark parking spots. These sensors will help us better understand user behaviour and how parking spaces are occupied in the city.

In approximately 50 on- and off-street parking spaces in the boroughs of Rosemont/Petite-Patrie and Plateau-Mont-Royal, the black cap that tops a signpost will be replaced by a sensor system to detect parked vehicles. The system will be equipped with LED lights to allow for various types of indicator signals (no parking, paid parking space, reserved parking space, etc.).

Potential benefits of the pilot project include:

  • Testing whether the technology is robust enough to withstand the elements in all four seasons
  • Providing useful data on parking space usage (occupation rate, rotation, times of use, payment compliance)

Data collection

The goal of the pilot project is to see whether the sensors meet the operational needs of parking managers.

Data will be collected and analyzed to assess the following factors:
  • Reliability of data collected
  • Visibility of sensor lights
  • Sensor ability to transmit information

For sustainable mobility

This pilot project contributes to achieving the objectives laid out in our operational strategy plan. We are working to become an agent of change by participating in building knowledge of parking and mobility behaviours. We are also hoping to deploy more equitable monitoring that reflects the new needs of our customers and all Montrealers.

Our partner:

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