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For some time, Stationnement de Montréal has been looking for an original solution to graffiti and illegal signage on its pay stations. We got the idea to dress up a few of them across Montreal to post events and activities that combine arts and culture to be held in the city this summer.

About thirty pay stations have already been enhanced on Mont-Royal Avenue and Saint-Denis Street to promote the Montreal International Jazz Festival. In collaboration with La Vitrine culturelle, other festivals were approached to gauge interest in such promotional initiatives. This way, we hope to attract more Montreal-based event and activity organizers.

“Stationnement de Montréal boasts over 1,500 pay stations across 11 city boroughs, said Charles Auger, General Manager of Stationnement de Montréal. We believe that this unique concept will enable to significantly reduce the prevalence of graffiti and illegal signage on our equipment, while helping Montreal-based events gain more visibility on busy streets.”

“La Vitrine culturelle is proud to be a part of this project to enable Montreal’s events and festivals to benefit from this promotional tool, said Nadine Gelly, General Manager of La Vitrine culturelle. This new project aligns perfectly with La Vitrine culturelle’s mission to enable cultural organizations to gain greater visibility through innovative, wide-scale partnerships.”
This project will span the summer and fall seasons, and will then be assessed next winter to analyze results and feedback. Roll out will then be reviewed to focus interventions in sectors with the greatest impact on equipment, namely in the Ville-Marie and Plateau Mont-Royal boroughs.

About Stationnement de Montréal
Created in 1995, the Société en commandite Stationnement de Montréal was originally founded to ensure the optimal management of municipal paid parking. The Société was quickly recognized for its innovation, its advantageous use of cutting-edge technologies and the harmonious integration of its installations into the urban landscape.

About La Vitrine culturelle
La Vitrine culturelle is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and sale of all cultural and artistic activities. Along with its website, which features the Greater Montréal area’s most comprehensive cultural event calendar, its cultural blog and enhanced-reality mobile app, La Vitrine offers a central information and ticket booth, which provides discount and regular fare options. Renowned as Montréal’s premier cultural promotion organization, La Vitrine offers visitors a truly immersive cultural experience at the heart of the downtown area through tech facilities designed by Moment Factory, where Montréal’s talent and creativity combine.