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Created in 1995 to manage the City of Montréal’s (the “City”) paid parking operations, SCSM became the main stakeholder in matters of parking management in Montréal.

While the municipal government’s mandate includes setting parking policy, as well as the rates, periods and paid areas relative to parking, SCSM is tasked with implementing these decisions. Currently, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal’s (BTMM) role is limited to appointing administrators to the Board of Directors, which in turn ensures its governance. The Board is composed of eight members, two of which are appointed by the City.

“SCSM is clearly profitable and very efficient,” said Rémi Racine, Chairman of the Board. “Indeed, SCSM has developed extensive and specialised expertise in operating and managing on-street and off-street parking, as well as new technologies (i.e. pay stations, remote payment mobile app) that can enhance user satisfaction and increase royalties paid to the City. This is proof that we have a high-performance model.”

SCSM is pleased with the City’s new Parking Policy, which reflects its willingness to broaden the mandate of a stakeholder who will be tasked with managing all aspects of city parking. “We are thrilled that the City of Montréal has set a policy that will enable the expertise developed by Stationnement de Montréal to be further improved and expanded,” added Mr. Racine. “Hats off to Mayor Coderre and Mr. Salem.”

In 2015, SCSM paid the City a total of $52.5 million in the form of taxes, rents, permits, interest, compensation and royalties. Since its creation in 1995, SCSM has contributed a cumulative total of $564.8 million to the City, including the initial payment of $56.8 million, for a total sum of $621.6 million. In accordance with the concession agreement granted to it, the Société has remitted an amount of $400,000 to the BTMM as planned in 2015.