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Always seeking to better protect the environment, Stationnement de Montréal joins forces with several organizations among the Montréal community that have made sustainable development a priority.

“We have chosen to be proactive by committing ourselves to achieving the Plan’s 12 objectives to better manage the environment by contributing to the preservation of green spaces and the reduction of heat island effects across our parking areas, among other initiatives, as well as promoting sustainable development principles among our staff and throughout our day-to-day operations,” explains Charles Auger, General Manager of Stationnement de Montréal.

Green technologies, such as solar-powered units and wireless communication protocols, were favoured to minimize the environmental impact of SDM’s Pay-and-Go parking meter system.

Beyond these commitments, Stationnement de Montréal is already applying measures to eliminate heat islands, as proposed by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec. Our operations center already features a white rooftop and its adjacent parking has been paved with white concrete, thereby mitigating the heat island phenomenon. Furthermore, most of our parking areas open to users feature curbside patches of lawn and full-grown trees providing shade.

Here are SDM’s 12 commitments:

  1. Reduce the reliance on cars;
  2. Increase the eco-friendly impact of conventional vehicles;
  3. Promote the use of electric modes of transportation;
  4. Participate in climate change awareness campaigns;
  5. Contribute to the addition of green spaces and the reduction of heat islands;
  6. Implement waste reduction measures;
  7. Implement recovery and reclamation measures;
  8. Stimulate demand for green technologies, products and services;
  9. Take part in training activities related to environmental certification and programs;
  10. Leverage green infrastructures and their eco urban services;
  11. Be fair;
  12. Ensure succession.

About Stationnement de Montréal
Created in 1995, the Société en commandite Stationnement de Montréal was originally founded to ensure the optimal management of municipal paid on-street and off-street parking. The Société was quickly recognized for its innovation, its advantageous use of cutting-edge technologies and the harmonious integration of its installations into the urban landscape.