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Furthermore, security measures and control procedures were considerably tightened, and no infractions have been reported since the arrests made last January. With regard to credit card cloning equipment, only one device was discovered in a payment station and immediately given to the SPVM. Our customer service department has since received no calls pertaining to any cloning issues.

“Our field will always be exposed to risks, as it involves handling cash, said Charles Auger, General Manager of the organization. The sad reality is that several municipalities are victims of such crimes, which in turn lead to economic losses. However, operating in a secure manner is possible and this aspect of our work remains one of our core priorities. We also know we can count on the support of our entire staff toward this commitment. We are now letting justice take its course with regards to any follow-up relative to our report.”

Since the launch of the P$ Mobile Service app as a payment option in 2012, there has been a 10% decrease in cash transactions. SDM maintains its development and promotional efforts relative to this mobile app so that more users may come to adopt it. In 2014, SDM projects that 30% of its income will be generated through the P$ Mobile Service solution.

In 2012, SDM paid $44.4 million to the City of Montréal from a total parking meter income of
$60.2 million.

About Stationnement de Montréal
Created in 1995, the Société en commandite Stationnement de Montréal was originally founded to ensure the optimal management of municipal paid on-street and off-street parking. The Société was quickly recognized for its innovation, its advantageous use of cutting-edge technologies and the harmonious integration of its installations into the urban landscape.