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This decision to entrust Stationnement de Montréal with the management of the Verdun borough’s paid on-street parking follows the City of Montréal’s Borough Financing Plan Reform (BFPR), which came into effect on January 1, 2015. Municipal administrators resolved that paid parking pertaining to the local network and controlled through parking meters, distributors and pay stations would be managed centrally. The city council declared this matter within its jurisdiction, in compliance with Article 85.5 of the Charter of the City of Montréal, which stipulates that if the city council considers it to be in the general interest of the city, it may declare, in respect of all the boroughs and for a period it determines, that the exercise of a jurisdiction or power assigned by law to all the borough councils is within its jurisdiction.

The city council has also amended By-law 08-055 (By-law concerning the delegation to borough councils of certain powers relating to the arterial road system) to take over this same jurisdiction over the arterial road system, which it had previously granted to boroughs.

The city council’s approval to implement paid on-street parking management in the Verdun borough enables Stationnement de Montréal to begin modifying and replacing existing parking meters and installing pay stations.

Location of paid on-street parking

Note: these are the same parking spaces, rates and schedules

  • Wellington Street: 390 spaces
  • Verdun Street: 103 spaces
  • de l’Église Street: 85 spaces
  • Hickson Street: 35 spaces
  • LaSalle Blvd.: 34 spaces