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This quite original concept allowed 70 of our society’s esteemed members, from all walks of life, to personally embellish a parking meter by adding colours, images, motifs or personal messages. True works of art, these new personalized ‘ParcoDon’ are sure to attract and, consequently, incite passers-by to make contributions which will then be directly handed over to the L’itinéraireorganization. Said organization offers a cornucopia of services, in particular psychosocial, to unattached or impaired street people.

An initiative of ‘L’Itinéraire’, the Ville-Maire borough and the Stationnement de Montréal

A reminder that ‘ParcoDon’ are old parking meters that were recycled into piggy banks placed in strategic areas close to through arteries of downtown Montreal. They will allow citizens to play a meaningful role in improving the living conditions of less fortunate people.

‘If we succeed in fostering better integration of the homeless in our society, it is largely thanks to such organizations as L’Itinéraire. Therefore, I am happy to participate in this initiative because it is a concrete measure which shows that beyond the fancy speeches we deliver, we are truly liable for the future of all the citizens of Montreal,’ stated its mayor, Mr. Gérald Tremblay.

Many entertainers, personalities and various institutions generously answered the invitation; among them René Richard Cyr, Pierre Karl Péladeau, Janette Bertrand, Armand Vaillancourt, Dany Laferrière, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Florence K, Guylaine Tremblay, Mes Aïeux, Biz of Loco Locass and l’Opéra de Montréal, each bringing a personal touch to their parking meter.

‘The Groupe L’Itinéraire is deeply touched by the fantastic spirit of solidarity and generosity of partners, artists and institutions toward homelessness and the ‘From The Streets To The Stars’ ParcoDon campaign. Taking into account the continuous rise in poverty and the growth in numbers of homeless in Montréal, said to reach 30,000 people, we feel that it’s critical to promote awareness of this important issue facing our society’, mentioned Mr. Serge Lareault, Managing Director for the Groupe L’Itinéraire.

Roger Plamondon, outgoing chairman, board of directors of Stationnement de Montréal, declares that he is personally ‘proud to have participated in ParcoDon from its very beginning in 2007, and to now proceed with the project by transforming a piece of the city’s heritage with a rainbow of colours, thus hoping to incite people to donate to the cause of homelesness’.

Groupe L’Itinéraire emerged in 1989. Since then, it has built its reputation, recognized in Montréal as well as at the international level, for its much appreciated imaginative initiatives toward the fight against poverty and its involvement in socio-occupational reintegration of the homeless. The notoriety acquired by the L’Itinéraire magazine and its success in fostering respect among the population of the Greater Montréal, today inspire numerous charitable organizations globally. As social benefactor, the Groupe L’Itinéraire has challenged itself, over the next few years, to meet the ever-increasing demand for its services by strengthening its social economics-related projects, backed by a team of high-calibre partners and professionals originating from all walks of life, be it artistic, journalistic, the business community, marketing or communications.