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Stationnement de Montréal has upgraded nine of its parking lots to the Pay and Go system, giving its customers more flexible payment options. Now, you can pay for your space with the app, by entering the parking number indicated on the sign.

You may still pay for your space at the pay station, but you no longer have to display the ticket on your dashboard.

These are the nine participating parking lots:

No. Location Number of spaces available at an hourly rate
No. 169 Saint-Vallier On Saint-Vallier, between Jean-Talon East and Bélanger 20
No. 182 Coolbrook On Coolbrook, between Queen-Mary and Snowdon 5
No. 191 Saint-André On Saint-André, between Jean-Talon East and Bélanger 45
No. 197 Hôpital Notre-Dame On Émile-Duployé, between Rachel East and Sherbrooke East 47
No. 216 Parc Lafontaine On Papineau, between Rachel East and Sherbrooke East 10
No. 270 Aréna Saint-Louis On Saint-Dominique, between Bernard and Saint-Viateur 21
No. 302 Saint-André On Saint-André, between Beaubien East and Bellechasse 19
No. 335 Fleury Est On Fleury East, between Chambord and Sacré-Cœur 22
No. 361 Place-Saint- Henri On Place Saint-Henri, between St-Jacques and Notre-Dame 23


Only spaces with a daily rate identified with a space number are eligible.