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However, many documents or information are distributed in French only. The resources necessary to translate all information produced by the Agence de mobilité durable would entail tremendous costs.

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The Agence de mobilité durable provides all developers with the opportunity to download files on urban furniture locations (pay stations and signs), regulations, pricing and the schedules of on-street and off-street paid parking spaces across Montréal. This document features all available data.

In order to ensure consistency, both the Agence de mobilité durable and the City of Montréal use the Creative Commons CC-BY 4..0 international licence.Consequently, we ask that you comply with this licence as proposed and cite the Agence de mobilité durable as the source of the data you use.

File list

Name of the file Description
icone donnesouvertes csvPlaces.csv List of parking spaces with their location, rates and features (main street, status, properties).
icone donnesouvertes csvReglementations.csv Regulation definitions file.
icone donnesouvertes csvEmplacementReglementation.csv List of parking spaces and their correspondent regulations.
icone donnesouvertes csvReglementationPeriode.csv Regulation and paid period correspondence file.
icone donnesouvertes csvPeriodes.csv List of paid periods.
icone donnesouvertes csvBornesSurRue.csv; List of on-street parking stations with their locations and features.
icone donnesouvertes csvBornesHorsRue.csv List of off-street (parking lot) pay stations with their locations and regulations.
icone donnesouvertes csvDateExportation.csv Date of last data export. Occupancy rate around the Quartier des spectacles


Opeb data schema


icone libreFreedom to reuse

You are authorized to:

  • Share— copy, distribute and communicate data and content through any means and formats
  • Adapt—remix, transform and create using available data and content
  • All uses authorized, including commercial ends.

The Agence de mobilité durable cannot withdraw the authorizations granted by said licence as long as you comply with the licence’s terms and conditions.

icone paterniteAuthorship – Agence de mobilité durable

Under the following conditions:

  • Authorship attribution — You must credit all data and content, include a link to the licence and indicate whether changes were made to any data or content. You must indicate this information by any means possible, such as through a hyperlink, but cannot suggest that the Agence de mobilité durable is supporting you or the way you have used its data and content.
  • No additional restrictions —ou are not authorized to apply any legal conditions or technical measures that would legally prevent others to use available data and content under the licence’s terms and conditions.