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  • In 2011, Stationnement de Montréal posted $61.9 million in total revenue ($63.1 million in 2010), and expenses of $20.8 million ($24.5 million in 2010). The total sum of $43.5 million was paid to the City of Montréal.
  • The advance granted to Public Bike System Company ($33.8 million in 2011) was repaid in full during the fiscal year.
  • The Board has adopted the three-year strategic plan (2012-2015) and Management will ensure its implementation.

“The main priorities were the roll-out of a governance approach in line with current standards, as well as the adjustment of Public Bike System Company’s financial situation, said Mr. Racine. I am happy to confirm that all of these objectives were achieved.”

Mr. Racine sought to lay the ground work of a shared and detailed vision in a three-year strategic plan (2012-2015) focused on the organization’s mission and its reputation for innovation, harnessing new technologies and having an eye for design in integrating equipment and enacting initiatives.

With this in mind, considerable efforts were deployed to launch a mobile application for parking meter payments on smartphones and online. Each month, Stationnement de Montréal processes nearly two million payments. Such a service would make users’ life easier and lead to simpler, more efficient operational management.

Stationnement de Montréal continued to fulfill its duties toward the City of Montréal and the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. Furthermore, the relationship it maintains with its partners increasingly broadens its advisory role.

2011 Annual Report