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License plate recognition (LPR)

A parking enforcement officer drives a vehicle equipped with license plate recognition (LPR) technology

Improving Mobility

The Agency is working closely with the City of Montréal to implement automatic license plate recognition (LPR) in order to simplify parking management and improve mobility in Montréal.

With LPR, the Agency will be able to provide a more equitable and efficient monitoring system and better allocate staff on the ground. LPR will also help collect useful information that could potentially be used to introduce innovative mobility and parking management measures and to support the City’s mobility and urban development initiatives.

We care about your privacy

As a responsible organization, the Agency makes security and privacy a priority and processes all data collected in accordance with the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (CQLR, c. A-2.1), to which it is subject.